About Me

Hello evryone, My name is Yılmaz Saraç from Bursa, Turkey. I am working on Google search engine organic traffic, local SEO for businesses, corporate content design, development and management of digital marketing campaigns. I am a technical photographer with a traditional advertising background also. I am helping my clients in search engine optimization, social media management, search engine advertising, video production and graphic design.

Industrial Role

The role of digital marketing in the modern world cannot be underestimated or ignored if it is desired to be online for personal or commercial promotion. Digital marketing involves the effective use of digital technologies and media to make more sales, spread brand awareness.In the world, efforts are being made to fully digitize every possible area, although it takes some time to take place in some areas, and digital marketing is popular in the world of commerce. In today’s modern business world where technology plays a key role, it is unthinkable that digital marketing techniques and methods are not used for product promotion and brand recognition. In the business world, digital marketing is the management of a company’s or brand’s online presence for commercial purposes.

In a popular search engine, your sites should appear at the top of a search. Online marketing can only reap the benefits if your website is properly optimized.

SEO Services That Specialized For Your Industry

Meet the Bursa SEO Service, which is tailored to the businesses that are located in Bursa, according to different needs of indutries.

Take advantage of your company in search engine optimization and marketing with SEO tailored to your industry.

By working with me, you only pay for the realized results. First of all, the pay-as-you-get, pay-to-pay system means that we will not demand payment without our commitments being made, referring to 100% customer satisfaction. So you can be sure that you will get the full value for the money you pay.The idea in the sectoral SEO studies is the process of corporate content design and the publication of this content in sectoral online environments in order to increase the relevance and authority within the industry.

What is Industry Spesific SEO Service?

I am offering SEO Services, which is the most important component necessary for the development of your business activities through your website, with a special understanding in accordance with different objectives for each industry. My SEO expertise, beyond technical regulations, is focused on quality content design. The goal of SEO work is to create a system that will enable you to attract more quality traffic and keep your customers going.

What is guaranteed?

My SEO Studies aim to achieve more conversions by increasing the quality of traffic to your website. I do this by providing you with better positioning in search engines such as Google, and by providing more quality content to your visitors. I have a proven track record of SEO expertise. My warranties cover metrics such as your search range on specific keywords in search engine results, the duration of your visitors on the site, and the total number of visitors to the site.

SEO Work for your specific business model

If you are managing a company addressing a specific audience, my industrial spesific SEO is for you. I have been specialized in specific markets (Education, Real Estate, Finance) and its surroundings with the SEO strategies that I have been experiencing for years.

In SEO studies, certain areas and industries can be achieved by achieving a more rapid and lasting success. Regardless of the size of your target audience, whatever you are in the industry, it is very important to have a good website and do a flawless SEO.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business. With Google’s evolving algorithms and accurate SEO you have the chance to compete with companies of any size in search engine results.

Why choose me?

My goal is not only to ensure that you acquire new customers, but also to design a predictable system to ensure that you are constantly able to acquire new customers. Beyond good positioning in the search results, my activities are focused on increasing your conversions with high quality content. I have a proven track record in SEO.

High Quality Content Design

Google assesses the content of its websites as intuitively as possible by integrating people’s ways of answering their questions and using technology. Quality content is primarily the content that reaches the marketing target.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Good ranking in search engines
  • Improving clickthrough rates
  • More interaction with potential customers
  • Get social shares.

SEO requires creating high-quality content. The most important point of our SEO work is to create high quality content.

Transparency is my priority, I don’t keep any information just for me. My SEO Expertise is based on educating and empowering each client to better understand the SEO process and campaigns - includes intensive reports and practices that provide a complete explanation of why each step is necessary, how it affects SEO, and what results can be expected.

Corporate Web Design

With a flawless SEO, you have a website where you can get maximum availability, original and ongoing support. Increase the availability of your website. Come forward with the latest trends and original designs.G et 2 years support and warranty. Have full control of your website.

With the most recent applications known, you can manage your website for years without needing anyone and you can ensure its security. You have control to change your Web Design agency at any time without any concern.

Even if you don’t get an SEO service, our web design service provides you with the best infrastructure to advance your SEO. Eliminates the possibility of error. Your success is limited to your imagination.

Although mobile design is standard in many web applications, mobile compatible web design requires a separate content strategy. In cases where competition is high, the content to be presented to a mobile user may be very different from what is presented on the desktop.

Yilmaz Sarac
Bursa SEO