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Bursa SEO

Bursa SEO provides SEO services and consultancy aimed at businesses to carry out their search engine optimization activities within their own organization.

Bursa SEO provides SEO services and consultancy aimed at businesses to carry out their search engine optimization activities within their own organization.

In Bursa, I provide one-to-one SEO training and consultancy to companies' marketing departments or in-house SEO experts . SEO skills are a very important advantage that not only those who practice SEO expertise as professions, but anyone who manages trade today should understand.

Bursa SEO Services

When buying SEO services, learn the most effective and up-to-date SEO strategies practically on your own website.

  • Finding keywords, selecting and verifying
  • Indexing and link
  • On-site and off-site SEO
  • Local and Mobile SEO
  • B2B SEO strategies and tactics
  • Optimizations by Google, Bing and Yandex
  • Creating content
  • Competition analysis
  • SEO examples and reviews
  • Use of Google Analytics

We Develop the Most Important Metrics for Your Site

Attracting relevant traffic to your website means your visitors are constantly coming and is one of the most important criteria for your position in search results.

  1. Revenue
  2. Candidate Customer Value
  3. New Leads
  4. conversions
  5. Conversion Rate
  6. Supported Conversions
  7. Goal Value
  8. Back Links
  9. Domain Authority
  10. Pages Visited
  11. clicks
  12. Acquisition Behaviors

Attribution Models

Any traffic directed to the site should support your destination. An important point to keep in mind; different attribution types are required for different content or businesses.

  1. Keyword Ranking
  2. Average Rank Position
  3. Top Keywords
  4. Connection Value
  5. Percentage of traffic driven by a particular keyword
  6. Bounce Rate
  7. User Behavior
  8. Organic Traffic
  9. Click Traffic
  10. Site Speed
  11. Search Queries
  12. Participation


The most important measurement for your business is conversions. Regardless of the metrics you use to define conversions, we do SEO to increase conversions.

  1. Internal Links
  2. Organic Entries
  3. Percentage of site traffic from organic searches
  4. 404 errors
  5. impressions
  6. Organic Search Trends
  7. Unbranded Clicks
  8. Site Visitors
  9. Mobile Visits
  10. URL Growth Trends
  11. Page Value
  12. Time on Site

High Quality, Reliable Content Design

Google evaluates the content of websites as intuitively as possible, by integrating them with ways to answer people's questions and use technology. Quality and reliable content is primarily the content that reaches the marketing goal.

Bursa SEO is a service that I am interested in your business and goals. I offer all my expertise for the best case scenario so you can achieve your goals with minimum investment and as soon as possible. Trainings are a customized service, in addition to my other services, so they differ by business.

Corporate SEO consulting is based on educating and empowering every client to better understand the SEO process and campaigns; it contains an intense report and apps with full explanation about why each step is necessary, how it affects your site, and what results can be expected.

What is achieved with Bursa SEO Training and Corporate SEO Consultancy?

To be able to evaluate optimization proposals, to protect against meaningless proposals and methods, to understand what works and what is meaningless.

  1. How the human factor can be satisfied to ensure a real long-term benefit.
  2. Technical configuration of a website in terms of search engine expectations.
  3. Healthy measurement, effective use of seo tools.
  4. How to discover industry-specific data.
  5. How to track competitor activities.
  6. Correct link configuration.
  7. Discovery and effective use of the right keywords.
  8. Effective use of social media.
  9. Effective use of search engine ads.
  10. Creating user-oriented and effective content.
  11. Effective use of content marketing channels.

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SEO Expertise

Traffic and Transformation

If you have a website but no customers coming from the internet, that is, if you cannot get traffic and conversions, there is a serious problem. In such a case, it is imperative that you work with an SEO Specialist to avoid this deadlock. Otherwise, it is not possible to increase your sales and profitability with ordinary methods within the framework of the ever increasing level of knowledge in the technology age and in an intense competitive environment.

Being aware that the solution is working with an SEO Specialist is the first successful step to take. You have taken this step by coming to our page.  We would like to point out that you are at the right place for SEO . Don't worry, we guarantee to solve your question. Because every customer we provide SEO Service is a very valuable reference for us.

SEO Service

We talked about SEO service. Before we answer the question What is SEO Service to avoid a confusion, let's explain briefly the word SEO . Because both concepts are inseparable as a twin brother.

SEO Turkish literally means search engine optimization. This concept comes from the initials of Search Engine Optimization words that have the same meaning in English . We translate the word Search Engine Optimization into Turkish as Search Engine Optimization . In short, the whole process of moving your website to the high standards requested by search engines, especially google, is actually SEO.

Get out on top in Google

In a Baist manner, we call SEO all of the intertwined complex work done to list a website in searches related to the industry in search engines, especially google, and to be found by its users . Let's say shorter like this. If you want to go out on the top search engine of google, which is the most preferred search engine , a number of studies are required for this. SEO is the common name of these studies. Go out on the first page in Google. Sounds very good. Isn't that all our goal? So please continue reading.

Go to the first page on Google . This is a very pleasant word. It is just like having a luxury and very preferred shop on the busiest and crowded street with the most intense human traffic. Even more. If your website appears on the first page of google, you are now a happy businessman whose sales are constantly increasing. This is it. Short and clear expression without getting into confusion. We call all of the complex work done to get your site in the first place on google SEO Service .

What is SEO Service?

It is very important to give the correct answer to this question. Because SEO Service before getting an SEO Service So what you need to know to answer the question literally. In this way, you will have at least a basic level of knowledge about all the details of the service you plan to receive. This very important information is the most important criterion that will enable you to choose the SEO Expert you want to work with . This article is prepared for you not to make mistakes. Lets continue.

Because at this stage, if you do not go on your way with the right SEO Expert who will be the arm of your company and carry you up from your current location , it will be inevitable to encounter a huge loss of effort, time and money. We do not want you to encounter such a problem.

Both Regional SEO in some Bursa SEO Expert in both Common SEO some across Turkey Located in a in the first row SEO Expert with us for many years as employees who are our potential customers like our customers we raise awareness sizleride will cost huge losses to our duty to inform about to make serious errors of this kind.


SEO Development

Have you not been satisfied with the website and SEO services you have received before, have not achieved the promised results? Call to get SEO development service to your existing website. We have a proven track record with the SEO consultancy and corporate SEO training we provide to many big companies in Bursa.


Web Development

In addition to the SEO services we offer at any stage of the development of a website, we can design the perfect website for you from the ground up in terms of search engine optimization. If you need a company that works on Google SEO in Bursa, call us. We are ready to present our case studies and project references.


SEO Expert

We offer proven strategies that will strengthen your firm's hand in digital marketing in SEO processes. We worked with dozens of big companies in Bursa. We support our search engine optimization efforts, which are completely useful, and do not violate any guidelines, by undertaking design and PR tasks.

A free analysis for your website

You can contact for content-oriented professional support for your SEO campaigns and learn what your website really needs for free.

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