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Google SEO Consultancy Service Bursa

Making the best use of web technologies, giving visitors a fast and secure experience, how the pages within the site are linked to, how search engines are introduced. With local SEO studies, we have permanently placed the search rankings of many Bursa-based companies into very good positions.

SEO Specialist Yılmaz Saraç
Xemantic SEO & Digital Performance Agency Bursa

Address: Çalı Mah. Papatya Cad. No: 10/8
16110, Nilüfer, Bursa
Phone Office: +90 (0224) 305 02 42  
GSM: (Also WhatsApp) +90 532 246 96 45

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SEO Services

SEO Services with 100% Ethics (White Hat) to increase my level of customer satisfaction. My internet marketing and search engine optimization services are all done with legal line techniques and are completely ethical. I offer multiple pricing options to my customers. My search engine optimization turnkey plan provides a complete solution for your business.

Regular SEO Activities

My regular SEO activity plan is for existing website owners who are looking to get search optimization service.

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Kompetitor Analysis
  • Directory Submission Guides
  • Article Submission and Marketing Services
  • Social Media Marketing and Social Bookmarking
  • Blogger and WordPress Blog Creation and Posting.
  • Other Professional SEO Services.
  • Content Design Copywriting