Content Promotion in Digital Marketing

Content Promotion in Digital Marketing

Content marketing efforts are one of the basic elements of digital marketing.

Popular SEO professionals around the world have always expressed that 4 times the amount of time spent writing content should be spent promoting.

We all publish articles on our blogs. Most of these articles can't get the traffic we expect. This may not be due to the quality of your content. We will address this issue strategically.

We all know the importance of creating quality content, but the tactics used to promote content can be more decisive for the success of the block. If nobody sees and reads our writings, it doesn't matter how informative or popular it is.

So we have to spend some time and effort putting our content in front of as many people as possible.

This article will be about better introduction of our blog posts and strategies that will help us drive more traffic to our website.

Content Promotion Strategies are divided into paid and free. We will talk about free ones.

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Free Blog Promotion

Free blog promotion strategies are an important part of this effort. These tactics are organic and ideal for attracting long-term search engine traffic.

In this promotion strategy, you should first evaluate our current followers on social media. For example, some of your Facebook or page or twitter followers are already ready to share your content.

Email newsletters are also a great way to promote content, and it is even one of the highest content marketing channels. According to some average statistics, in 20% of the content promoted by email, users open the email and 6% click the link.

If your content and email newsletter design is good enough, it's possible to increase this 6% click-through rate further.

Content Update

People learn in different ways because they have different perspectives.

You can promote existing content by rearranging it in a completely new and different design, and attracting people who have never seen it before.

For example, if we consider that the young audience generally does not prefer to read more, adding more images to your blog posts may attract the attention of your young visitors. You can add infographic, compelling images, slideshows, or videos to your old content so that users who aren't already aware can visit.

You can respond to different needs by converting your articles into e-books. The idea of ​​e-books may be more appealing to some people in your audience.

A WordPress plugin that converts blog posts into e-books

Sectoral Shares

There are social platforms that users related to specific sectors visit more often. These platforms are sites where users such as Reddit, Quora, WMacer, R10, PcNet, Clickeer discuss issues related to a product, service, or a particular industry, and spend time connecting with like-minded people.

Most communities on such sites look to promote themselves. Promoting publications about your product or service without adding value to the platform may not be very good. Advertising shares are generally not allowed. Therefore, it makes more sense to focus on adding value without expecting anything in return, and to introduce our content at the right place and time.

It is best to leave comments on the content of other users on these platforms so that the community can get to know you and begin to engage with you on a more personal level.

You can also share a summary of your content on sectoral platforms, but you should not constantly share your own content. Constantly sharing your own content can give the impression that you're there just to advertise.

Your shares should leave the impression that you are a person trying to improve the relevant sector. If you prove your interest in the sector, the clickthrough rate on your links will increase.

Each sector has its own influencer.

People called influencer have the potential to influence a wide audience.

Getting a link from these people can be very effective for your block, but it's not easy. You may not be able to communicate by sending an email.

It will take time to communicate well with Influencer. You can start by following up on social media, commenting on tweets or blog posts, sharing their content, and registering on mailing lists.

Creating quality content is only half of the work, it is essential to promote it for success. Even content promotion and marketing must make up a larger part of your efforts. What good is a great article nobody knows?

Focusing on content promotion helps you communicate with new audiences and help your business grow.

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