Is it difficult to get rank on the first page on Google?

Whether you have an e-commerce site, blog or corporate website, we would like to popularize all our activities on the internet.

Is it difficult to get rank on the first page on Google?

Whether you have an e-commerce site, blog or corporate website, we would like to popularize all our activities on the internet. Let us first show us when someone calls us, our product or our service.

Google has the largest share in the search engine market is our first choice. Is it too hard to be on the first page or even 1st place on Google? How can it be done? It is an application specific to the competitiveness and expectations of each company, which is necessary to make the transformation in the Search Engines a healthier way and to make these transformations predictable over time.

I would like to explain some of my experiences in SEO projects in short titles. Some of these experiences may be case-specific. It is good to consider that SEO is constantly changing and there may be different requirements for each website.

For Better Rank On Google

  • Planning and preapering SEO is very important. It is much easier to avoid errors by making a good planning.
  • Meta tags are important. Use caution to deliver the most accurate message to Google and the user. A good title and meta description can have a large impact on the clickthrough rate.
  • Do not rush to interpret the locations and traffic. For a good analysis, enough time is required for time and comparison. We witness instant changes in SEO, but most things change monthly, not daily or weekly. You need to work regularly and not to stop. Do not obsess analysis .
  • When I first started, I would check the order of my website every day, thinking that something would change every hour.
  • It was nothing but a waste of time. Right now, instead of spending hours on analysis pages, I’m writing articles, I prefer to explore new sites.
  • I’ve optimized more than 50 sites, and I’ve found that the most important thing that impacts the results is the quality of the product or service I’ve done SEO. It’s pointless and boring to market something bad.
  • The optimization of e-commerce sites is different. The first reason for this is the level of competition. Because the entire strategy must revolve around the site you’re working for, you need to do SEO, not just the current state of the site, but also the type.
  • There are those who abuse SEO in a variety of ways, but creativity and hard work always win. Some people see SEO Experts as a kind of hacker who interferes with the code of their websites and makes them stand out in the rankings. The truth has nothing to do with this.
  • SEO is a hospitality. Give the visitor what you want and get what you want.
  • Domain age is not much important. As you know there are more than 200 factors affecting search locations. I think that’s a lot more. Some of these factors can trigger or neutralize each other. The domain name and age of the site is a ranking factor, but there are many more important ranking factors are give you the chance of better position.
  • Large brands are not very difficult to pass.
  • When big brands enter the race with high budgets and risks, it takes a long time for them to make decisions and stay on top of many issues. Nowadays, trends are changing very quickly and this change creates great opportunities for business at every level.
  • Diversify everything you do. Google can analyze links with similar parameters. Can understand the quality of your content. Examine concepts such as meaning science, LongTail, TF * IDF.
  • Stay up to date. Search engine optimization is becoming more and more complex every day, so it’s important to read the latest SEO news.
  • Type for people. Yes, semantics are important in SEO, but if your site doesn’t meet the expectations of users, there’s little point in making other efforts for higher positions.
  • It is good for every SEO expert to know the basic web programming languages ​​(html, css, javascript). Site code plays a big role in optimization, so it is important to understand what is happening behind the scenes. You should learn JavaScript, Css and Html at reasonable level.
  • Some information is only obtained by experience. Even if you have read all the books and all the news about SEO, some things can only be learned by experience.
  • If Google publishes updates containing Panda or Penguin themes, something has changed.
  • Everything is interconnected. It is important to use the etkin rel ”label effectively on internal and external connections.
  • Digital Marketing will never die. No matter the name or how it is abbreviated; SEO, ASO, PPC, CRO, mobile, email etc. SEO will never die, it will develop further. The websites we optimize will change, but people will have the basics and concepts as long as they need websites and look for something.
  • The choice of keywords is a very important point.
  • We have to make the right choices in the keywords.
  • Original content is very important. Stop fooling yourself that non-original articles or images are of particular importance to your visitors.
  • You can measure reliability and reputation.
  • If you do not pay enough attention to these measurements, you may find yourself in a bad position.
  • Bounce rate is very important.
  • Bounce rate gives a hint about conversions from the site. If you can reduce the bounce rate by 25%, 25% of the visitors do what is expected of them.
  • Take your relevance seriously.
  • The relevance of content creation, site optimization and backlink should be a priority.
  • Always try to learn from your competitors.
  • If your site has a bad position, you should not be discouraged. Instead, try to identify the method and strategy of at least 5 of your competitors with better positions than you. Then try these methods on your site.
  • As in life, there is no super fast way to achieve something in SEO. If someone claims otherwise, he’s trying to sell you something.
  • SEO can be applied to many aspects of your life.
  • SEO never ends. Occasionally do SEO for yourself.

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