Simple Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Simple Most Important Google Ranking Factors

More than 200 factors

Google mentions more than 200 silicification factors, we'll cover the most important. Here are the ranking factors that make up the most valuable signals in Google's algorithm.

You've heard that Google uses more than two hundred factors when ranking websites by a specific search term. SEO does not require mastery of all of these factors, and some of them can be prioritized. Let's look at what the search engine ranking factors have the most impact.

1- Content Quality

Quality content is the ultimate ranking factor. You can have a technical SEO, a perfectly optimized site, but if your content doesn't interest users and you don't benefit, you won't get a good position in the ranking.

quality is a seo factor - Google Ranking Factors

What is quality content?

Quality content is the best answer for what someone is looking for in the search engine. Long content is recommended because of the potential for users to include more of the topics they are looking for. Quality content is error-free content that corresponds to the reason the user came to your page.

What is the search intention?

Think about why you came to this page! You wondered how Google ranks websites, and you probably want to una Google ranking factors, or ranking criteria, google search results ranking, ranking algorithm, what does Google do ranking ?, google search priority, 200 related factors like the first page You must have used one.

You came to this page by searching for the most important ranking factors on Google or any other search engine. If the question nasıl how to do keyword research? Te was included in the content, you could leave the site because even if the keyword search was an important SEO signal, it would not match your current search intent. The more your content overlaps due to the visitor coming to your site, the more users interact with the page and the higher your ranking.

Understanding the value of the topic described on a page of your website for visitors and making it as useful as possible is one of the most important ranking factors. Another important consideration - organizing your content into sections will help Google understand what your content is about. Therefore, the content must be structured and well organized.

Unique Content

In addition, creating similar ones previously discussed by the beginning does not allow you to get rankings. Why would people want to hear from you about a topic that has been described in abundance on the Internet? If you have an answer to this question, do not stop, but otherwise find a better topic to write.

crawlability 1024x1024 - Google Ranking Factors

Scannability issues need to be constantly monitored as they can occur over time.

2- Taranabilirlik

What does crawlability mean for SEO? How does it affect ranking?

Scannability is to provide the necessary conditions for search engines to fully understand your site and add it to your directory. If the search engine cannot access certain pages on your site, those pages will not appear in the search results.

Why can't the search engine crawl?

Why can't the search engine access some pages? There are several scenarios for the search engine to be unable to crawl or index certain content. These include robots.txt blocking and the use of a noindex meta tag on a given page.

Blocked by Robots.txt

The robots.txt file is a simple text file that is used to give search engine spiders directives for browsing in the main directory of your website. An error in this file or a forgotten directive may prevent all or part of your website from appearing in search results.

Meta noindex tag

Meta noindex tag is a tag that is written to the "head" section between html codes and tells the search engine spider whether to index the page. The SEO tools in WordPress provide this feature, and they occur especially when beginners are tampering with settings they don't know.

meta 1024x1024 - Google Ranking Factors

3- Mobile Compatibility

It's so important that even when he talks about it, it's weird. It is unthinkable that a website will not work correctly when accessed from a mobile phone. Your website must be mobile compatible. Even if the mobile version of your website appears to be running smoothly, be sure to test it with the search console. Google also has a tool for mobile compliance testing.

Backlinks are links that point to your website, created on other sites. The quality and relevance of the linking site is a measure of the usefulness of the backlink. Although more backlinks mean better ranking, your content must also be strong for backlinks to work.

5- Domain Name Authority or website reliability score

In explaining the backlinks, we have stated that a link to a direct page will help to rank that page better. This value can be expressed differently for different search engines or vehicles like MOZ, Ahrefs. The best known is MOZ DA.

Google can use the link text to understand what a page is about. Users can also use link texts to find additional information.

7- Keyword Usage

Keywords are search queries, that is, words that users type into the search engine. The use of these words in content is important, but they work due to other factors.

8- Page Speed

To give visitors a better experience, the speed of opening your website is very important. It is also said that good use of technology is a ranking factor.

9- RankBrain

RankBrain is a Google algorithm that tests content quality and changes constantly with machine learning. Discover important ranking factors.

10- EAT Algorithm

Google would like to know the expertise of an organization or person that publishes content. EAT is an acronym for the words of expertise, authority and reliability.

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