Top 5 SEO Steps for Beginners

Top 5 SEO Steps for Beginners

This guide will guide you through the implementation of important SEO efforts to help you organize your SEO process efficiently and reach the top rankings to attract more visitors. Follow the steps below for a successful SEO work.

Find your keywords

Find your keywords and place them in an order of importance. You can use Ubbersuggest for this job. With this tool you will be able to see the difficulty levels and search volumes of the words you selected. It is more advantageous for the beginning to select keywords with long tails, that is, 3 to 7 words.

People looking for a product or service turn to search engines. If you've done a serious SEO work to the particular term, a portion of the searchers with this keyword will visit your website. But as people's habits change, they can use hundreds of different word combinations to describe the same thing. Therefore, the starting point of any SEO work is to find all the keywords that people can use and choose the best one to focus on your SEO work.

Create a keyword map

Once you've selected the most appropriate target terms for your SEO work, you'll need to create a keyword map and distribute your keyword phrases across the pages of your site. Assign keywords to pages and optimize accordingly. Review your keyword sets and assign them to specific landing pages to target.

Check your ranking

Check the rank of your chosen keywords. You can find free tools on the internet to check your ranking. There are also browser extensions. Search in “Rank Checker” format. In some words, you may already have a good position. You can see the effects of your optimizations more easily by checking your ranking weekly or monthly.

ranking - Top 5 SEO Steps for Beginners

To understand your difference from your competitors, you need to follow how your website is ranked according to your keywords. You don't need to spend money on this transaction. You don't need tools like SemRush Ahrefs at startup. On the contrary, if your knowledge of SEO is not enough, these tools will confuse you to waste your time. The best method is to record the order in which your own website and your competitors' websites are displayed according to your keywords, once a week, in an Excel spreadsheet.

Search results for any keyword may vary depending on the region of the search and the search profile, that is, the profile of the searcher. Of course, it is not possible to check your position in the search results according to the search profile, but it can be controlled according to different positions.

Discovery of Technical Problems

Technical issues on your site are misconfigurations that prevent search engines from crawling your site efficiently, or cause trouble for your users. You can use the Screamin Frog program to discover technical problems on your site. With this SEO tool you can browse up to 500 URLs for free. This number is sufficient for many websites.

screamin frog - Top 5 SEO Steps for Beginners

It is very important that users and search engines easily access all the important pages on your site, including JavaScript and CSS resources.

Optimize Your Homepage

Generate relevant, keyword-rich content using optimization tips from data about your keyword and competition. Analyze your pages. See how your top competitors optimize any page item.

optimize your homepage - Top 5 SEO Steps for Beginners

A landing page is a page where you want visitors to your site to come first. Since it's difficult to have a single page optimized for all your keywords, you should look carefully at your keyword list and decide which page is best for each word or phrase. The content of this page should be useful, interesting, and most importantly relevant to the term. It is necessary to ensure that the searcher finds exactly what they are looking for on your landing page and stays on your site rather than returning to search results.

Google does not provide clear information for potentially damaging links. Malicious backlink does not come only from sites that implement Black Hat SEO techniques. The most important factor that makes a backlink harmful, that is, is its relevance. So links that point to your website should have a meaningful cause. To explore such malicious links, consider what content on your website adds to the inbound link.

Google Search Console

The best free tool you can use to discover links to your site is the Google Search Console.

search console - Top 5 SEO Steps for Beginners

Get rid of bad connections. If possible, contact the webmasters of the sites where the spam links come from and ask them to remove them. If your profile has a large number of malicious backlinks, you can refuse those links with the Google disawov tool and request them to ignore them.

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