Who is an SEO Expert, What Does It Do, How Does it Contribute to Websites?

Who is an SEO Expert, What Does It Do, How Does it Contribute to Websites?

The SEO Expert is the person who makes the analysis, follow-up, evaluation, implementation and reporting stages for improving the search results that are ranked according to the queries of the users thanks to the algorithms of search engines such as Google for a certain web property, develops special optimization strategies and provides more meaningful traffic from the targeted audience.

An SEO expert plays a vital role in helping companies build their businesses and grow and gain new customers through web traffic. In the digital marketing industry, SEO has emerged as an important tool or process in increasing the power of search engines such as Google. To improve a website's rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's), companies and businesses are looking for experts who are experienced in digital marketing and SEO to achieve this goal. SEO experts are responsible for improving, maintaining and managing the quality of websites.

A search engine, such as Google, generates search results based on the authenticity and relevance of the web pages it crawls and adds to the web index to provide the best and most appropriate response to a user's query. Search engines use a number of signals to generate search results, and SEO is the use of technical and creative activities to develop and influence these signals. The goal of SEO is to provide an excellent user experience with highly useful and quality expert-level content that helps answer the user's query.

SEO Professional: SEO Specialist

There are many things you need to know and experience about SEO to become an SEO Expert. In order to gain experience in addition to technical and creative skills, it will be necessary to experience what is learned in an appropriate SEO training course and course.

The SEO Expert enhances the human and machine experience in the delivery of a product or service through complementary websites and is the most important online representative of today's most effective communication tool and businesses. In order for your website to be both useful and visible, its structure and content must be adapted to the machines, that is, matched to the ability of search engines to understand.

Everything is for man. It is important to understand that websites that people do not spend time with, interact with or recommend, cannot be successful or at least permanent. A store does not display a product that is not on its shelves, or hangs a banner of a service it cannot provide, and it is not possible to manipulate the user or search engines on websites for a long time.

SEO, online recognition, to gain more customers, more sales goals such as the organization of each institution with the objectives of the first installation, which can meet the competition with the technology, experience and content quality, according to the required strategies of digital marketing components required to be the most effective It is to use. SEO starts with defining goals, competitors and the market.

As you move towards your online goals, your competitors' activities are decisive in how much effort is needed to succeed. In SEO, competition is basically a race to give people the information they need, turn the time they spend on our site into a good experience and present it in a form that the search engines expect.

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist is a broad term that can be applied to different roles in digital marketing, from researchers who define keywords related to a website, to writers who produce optimized text, to analysts who study algorithms and recommend best practices to improve search engine ranking. SEO expert and SEO consultant is the same person in many cases.

SEO Expert Job Description

The mission of the SEO Specialist is to maximize the volume of organic traffic from search engines to a website.

This task is accomplished by a combination of in-page and off-page techniques, including link building, social media strategy, viral marketing, metadata shaping, site speed optimization, content strategy, information architecture, and more.

The majority of positions for SEO professionals require one to three years in online marketing, a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, communications or information technology. Knowledge and experience are sought in HTML, CSS and various programming languages. To understand how search engines work, to recognize the basic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Concepts, and to know what SEO actually is, it must have undergone proper SEO training.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Improves keyword research.
  • When analyzing SEO and proposing a content strategy, it optimizes existing content well and increases new traffic opportunities.
  • Identifies appropriate content and collaborates closely with site owners to create or support website content.
  • It deals with customer videos abstracts, customer case studies, blog posts, reports from analysts and contributes.
  • Link building continues in coordination with SEO, helps to develop and execute content strategies.
  • The SEO expert has knowledge of industry trends, search engine algorithm updates, competitive environment.
  • SEO analytics monitors dashboards, reporting tools, evaluates search results and search performance in major search engines.
  • The rankings determine the right areas for improvement and investment.
  • Provides regular updates to project members, timelines, and results to client team members.
  • With experience in the areas of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it has a strong customer focus and a true passion for SEO.
  • It has an analytical approach to understand business requirements and turn them into a powerful SEO content strategy.
  • Has the ability to successfully execute complex problems through analysis and analysis, balancing various initiatives successfully, and changing priorities as needed.
  • He has an in-depth understanding of SEO methodologies and standard methodologies, website analysis, and various other industry standard reporting tools and sites.
  • SEO Specialist Experienced in working with popular keyword tools and creating and managing content in CMS environments.

Who is Seo Specialist?

The developments in the internet have affected the whole world in recent years. This sector has become such a large area that a significant part of the commercial activities in the world started to be done through this channel. The term SEO on the Internet, which is a big industry, is very important for you. The SEO expert is the individual who is going to support you in this regard. Let us briefly summarize what this person can do for you;

  • Allows you to be accessed via the Internet.
  • It works for your audience to find your website.
  • It allows you to get to the top of the search engines in your sector.
  • It works on the keywords you need to be in the top positions.

The word SEO can be opened as Search Engine Optimization and translated into Turkish as Search Engine Optimization. This term, in its simplest definition, is a set of strategies used to make your site recognized in different search engines and to gain priority over competitors. Today, search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing are applications that help users find the sites they are looking for. Here the SEO expert conducts all the analyzes related to the improvement of the search engines and carries out the evaluation, planning, implementation and reporting processes completely. As a result of these efforts, visitor traffic of your site increases.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

The question of what the SEO expert does in business   is a very important question for the website owners. These people are experts in your search engines. This person; know the structure of search engines, follow the innovations brought by companies such as Google, research, management can work smoothly, should have the ability to generate ideas and communication problems. Now an SEO expert does the following in the general sense;

  • Conducts optimization of corporate and private sites.
  • Analyzes the content and codes on your site.
  • It follows updates made by Google and applies them to your site.
  • Reporting process makes the necessary presentations to you.
  • Identifies the keywords that will move your site to the top positions.
  • Identifies non-user friendly coding errors within the interface of your site and makes necessary adjustments.
  • It analyzes all the details that are not suitable for the SEO structure on your site.
  • Finds backlink resources and exchanges links.
  • Promotes your website on the internet.
  • Creates and manages the advertising campaigns necessary for the promotion of your site in the most professional way.
  • Analyze your competitors SEO work.
  • It contributes to your site by producing original and quality content.
  • Uses your budget in the most efficient way.
  • Word searches, site linking and completes the optimization of the content.
  • Guides editors about content.
  • Carries out link exchange works with other sites.
  • Manages your advertising campaigns in social media applications.
  • It also makes SEO works in social media.
  • Determines your SEO statistics by using web tools and makes the necessary planning.
  • It organizes meetings that will give you SEO reports at regular intervals.
  • It gives you a training on basic SEO work.
  • If your website has experienced a sudden decline, it identifies potential problems and identifies solutions to them.

As you can see, the  SEO expert  carries out all the processes on behalf of the quality of your website and in the search engines to get the right place. Now let us give you some insight into how to step into this profession.

How to Become an SEO Expert?

The question of how to become a Seo expert is extremely important for those who want to have a profession that can be studied over the Internet  . But there isn't a school or department that you can read. If you are interested in the internet, you can get the title of SEO expert by getting necessary trainings and certificates. In order to perform this profession;

  • Participate in training programs that specialize in SEO and get the certificates to be given here.
  • Once you understand the structure of search engines, you should constantly improve on this topic.
  • Always follow the updates and the latest work of the search engines to determine your work accordingly.
  • SEO is largely an experience. So, get some experience and experience in search engines.
  • Learn the code software you should use in SEO processes.
  • Learn more about the use of all the tools you need.

As you can see, being an SEO expert is based entirely on your entrepreneurial spirit. If you enjoy developing yourself and following up on the internet, there is no obstacle to exercising this profession.

What are SEO Work?

The work done by the SEO expert can be grouped into two groups. These activities can be grouped under two headings as in-site SEO and off-site SEO. These two areas are complementary to your site's search engines and are largely affected by the situation.

Site SEO

Among the websites, those in the same industry as you will always compete against you. Having your website alone is never enough for your company. The main issue is to be reachable in search engines. The most important step of an internet site is to perform in-site optimizations in accordance with the rules.

This is where you will need the support of an SEO expert. With professional support, you can provide search engines with accurate information about your site. Here you can reach your target audience in the most accurate way by making the right keyword work for the site and using different in-site optimizing methods. This will bring you to the top pages of search engines. In-site optimization works that an SEO officer can do are as follows;

  • Can make your website software details in accordance with CSS and HTML code standards.
  • It provides text and the correct keyword density relevant to your website's service area.
  • It removes malicious content and code from your site and makes your site open faster.
  • Creates a sitemap by editing the transition links between pages.
  • Completes the XML sitemap and sends it to search engines.
  • It works to ensure that the images on your site are relevant and of high quality.
  • Creates tags in SEO-compliant way.

Offsite SEO

Outside work is as important as the regulations within your site. The term off-site SEO can be explained as the work you do on the internet in order for your website to be perceived by the search engines as high quality and to reach your target audience.

In Turkey, the most preferred search engine is Google. That's why your site needs to be added to this search engine and made available. In this case, the name of your domain name, domain age, the date your website was established, site codes, links to the site and given out links, in-site links, site traffic and visitors to your site, such as details are important. Offsite optimization by an  SEO expert can be listed as follows;

  • Link Building: The most important detail in these works is link building. This determines the words in which your website will appear in search results. The specified link should be integrated into the keyword group. However, external sites in your industry should send you links. However, it is important that these sites do not contain duplicate content, that there is no link garbage and that they are not penal. Here, the quality links that your SEO officer will bring will make a positive contribution to your site.
  • Personalization: The content you submit to your website must be in accordance with the language of the region and country you serve. Personalized SEO work will always stand out your site.
  • Social Media: One of the bone applications of off-site optimization is social media. You can manage the process by making studies and campaigns that will feed your site on social media applications.

By doing all these works, your site can be defined as the SEO expert in charge to reach all your goals in search engines  . If you want to get the fruits of your investments, you must work with a quality SEO consultant and give your website the value it deserves.

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